Acidity Of The Stomach

Sources: Papers On Health

Often caused by unwholesome food, bad or

deficient teeth, or by too rapid eating. Where these causes exist, they

should be first removed. Eat slowly, and not too much at a time, and

see that only well-cooked, easily digested food be taken. Pastry,

sweets and carbonaceous foods in general should not be taken alone at

the same meal, they should always accompany some form of proteid food.

If, however, pain in stomach is found after meal it will be found that

milk can be substituted with comfort. (See Diet). (See Food in

Health). If this does not cure, do not take soda as a remedy. Although

soda neutralises the sourness, it produces other effects, and tends to

cause disease of the stomach. A wineglassful of hot water, with a

teaspoonful of white vinegar in it, is the best cure. Although this is

itself acid, it acts so as to remove the cause of the sourness in the

stomach, and is most beneficial otherwise. It is still better to take a

tablespoonful of this hot water and vinegar every five minutes for an

hour daily before dinner. Instead of the vinegar, a slice of lemon may

be put in the hot water. This will act more efficiently in some cases.

In other cases a teaspoonful of Glauber's Salts, taken in a large

tumblerful of hot water, half-an-hour before breakfast, for a few

weeks, will relieve almost entirely.

Readers must note not to use both the salts and vinegar drink at

once. They are intended to cure different sorts of stomach acidity,

caused differently.

Look also well to the warming of COLD FEET (see), and see that the

whole skin be cleansed daily with soap lather (see Lather and Soap)

and stimulated with olive-oil rubbing.