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Medical Articles

Sleep And Rest

Why We Need Rest. A most important element in a life of healt...


These occur in hands and feet where the circulative power is f...

How Women Can Keep From Being Nervous

MANY people suffer unnecessarily from "nerves" just...


A most common trouble is anaemia, a lack of good red blood, sh...

Aspirating Tubes

Independent aspirating tubes involve delay in their use as c...


See Abscess; Ankle; Armpit; Bone, Diseased. ...

Hope And Healing

The mind has always an influence on the body. Life rises and f...

Contraction Of Sinews

This often occurs at the knee, bending the joint so that the p...

Our Relations With Others

EVERY one will admit that our relations to others sho...

Night Sweats

This distressing symptom, which accompanies various illnesses,...

Stokes Adams Treatment

The treatment of true Stokes-Adams disease is unsuccessful. I...

Diet And Corpulence

A tendency to obesity should always be carefully checked by at...

Secondary Eliminations Are Disease

However the exact form the chain from irritation or malnutrit...

Positive And Negative Effort

DID you ever have the grip? If you ever have you may ...

Breath And Blood

Often difficulty of breathing, especially in close air, mistak...

Acute Cardiac Symptoms Acute Heart Attack

It is not proposed here to describe the condition of sudden...

Etiology Pathology

If a chronic endocarditis has followed an acute condition, so...

Memory Loss Of

A more or less complete suspension of this faculty is a not un...

Neck Twisted

This arises from the undue contraction of some of the muscles ...

The Esophagus

A few of the anatomical details must be kept especially in mi...

Action Balance Of

Source: Papers On Health

An excellent guide to the proper treatment of any
case is to be found in the distribution of heat in the patient's body.
Hot parts are to be cooled, and cold parts warmed, often both at the
same time, so as to restore the proper balance of vital action. Gentle
progressive measures are always best in this, especially with
children. Cold feet are warmed by BATHING (see) and FOMENTATION
(see). A heated head may be cooled with COLD TOWELS (see) or with
soap LATHER (see). This principle of seeking a proper balance should
be borne in mind throughout all our treatment. Its importance can
hardly be exaggerated, as the restoration of this balance alone will
frequently effect an almost magical cure where drugs have been wholly

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