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Medical Articles

Technic Of Specular Esophagoscopy

Recumbent patient. Boyce position. The larynx is to be expos...


As so many times repeated, real pain must be stopped, and mor...

Our Spirit-levels

The Sixth Sense. Though we usually speak of having five sens...


The pathology of arteriosclerosis is a thickening and diminis...

Entering The Bronchi

The lip of the bronchoscope should be turned in the directio...

Stomach Trouble

If you would cure thoroughly, you must first make sure that th...


Acute esophagitis calls for rest in bed, sterile liquid food...

Esophagoscopy For Foreign Body


Dimensions Of The Trachea And Bronchi

It will be noted that the bronchi divide monopodially, not d...

A Rampaging Infection

At the age of 40, John, an old bohemian client of mine, came ...


WHEN we are tolerant as a matter of course, the nervous syste...

Vitamins For Young Persons And Children

Young healthy people from weaning through their thirties shou...


What is commonly called a "cough and spit" is sometimes due to...


This is usually brought on by some excessive strain upon the b...

Inflammation Of The Bowels - Enteritis

This consists in inflammation of the muscular and peritoneal ...

Heel Sprained

Often in sprains all attention is given to the bruised and tor...

Rheumatic Fever

See Fever, Rheumatic. ...


If a more malignant form of endocarditis develops on a mild ...


Malignant disease of the esophagus is rarely seen early, bec...

Tucker Forceps

Gabriel Tucker modified the regular side-curved forceps by a...

Action Balance Of

Source: Papers On Health

An excellent guide to the proper treatment of any
case is to be found in the distribution of heat in the patient's body.
Hot parts are to be cooled, and cold parts warmed, often both at the
same time, so as to restore the proper balance of vital action. Gentle
progressive measures are always best in this, especially with
children. Cold feet are warmed by BATHING (see) and FOMENTATION
(see). A heated head may be cooled with COLD TOWELS (see) or with
soap LATHER (see). This principle of seeking a proper balance should
be borne in mind throughout all our treatment. Its importance can
hardly be exaggerated, as the restoration of this balance alone will
frequently effect an almost magical cure where drugs have been wholly

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