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Medical Articles

To Prevent Scarlet Fever

Give Belladonna at the 3d attenuation, three to six pellets, ...

Lues Of The Esophagus

Esophageal syphilis is a rather rare affection, and may show ...

Skin Creeping

A sensation sometimes very much annoys patients, which they de...

Where There Is A Will There Is A Way!

I have been frequently compelled to resort to these milder ap...

Hot Flushings

See Flushings. ...

Tissue Forceps

With the forceps illustrated in Fig. 28 specimens of tissue ...

Home Methods Of Purifying Water

Boiling. Where the water that you are obliged to drink is not...

Safety-pin Closer

There are a number of methods for the endoscopic removal of ...

Back Failures

Often a severe pain in the toe, foot, ankle, or lower leg has ...


I KNOW a woman who says that if she wants to get her ...

Mitral Stenosis: Mitral Narrowing

This particular valvular defect occurs more frequently in wom...

Lather How To Make

One of the most powerful soothing influences which can be had,...

What Is It That Makes Me So Nervous?

THE two main reasons why women are nervous are, first...

Human Sympathy

A NURSE who had been only a few weeks in the hospital...

Tempering Treatment

Much, if not all, of the success in any case of treatment depe...

Length Of Pack

Usually it is time for the patient to come out from his pack,...


acts favorably on cancers, and is a specific when applied to ...

The Ear

Structure of the Ear. Next after sight, hearing is our most i...


After what has been said about the symptoms of scarlatina, it...

About Faces

WATCH the faces as you walk along the street! If you ...


Source: Papers On Health

Should be an indication that food in general or some certain
kind of food is needed by the body. Thus the appetite is the natural
test of the amount and kind of food required. Over-eating and
indulgence in stimulating foods and drinks, insufficient mastication
and bolting of the food (see Over-eating, etc.) give us a false
appetite, thus causing over-eating once more. A return to a simple and
moderate diet will restore the natural appetite.

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