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Medical Articles

The Resort Treatment Of Chronic Heart Disease

In line with the continued growing popularity of special reso...


Simple remedies such as we advocate are found of immense servi...

Interpretation Of Tracings

The interpretation of the arterial tracing shows that the nea...


IN climbing a mountain, if we know the path and take it as a ...


Some general remarks on this important treatment we give here....

Temperature Of The Water Double Sheet Changing Sheet

The water for the wet-sheet pack, in this violent form, ought...

Our Relations With Others

EVERY one will admit that our relations to others sho...

Bowels Glands Of

Symptoms of glandular trouble in the bowels are--weariness and...

Angioneurotic Edema

Angioneurotic edema manifests itself by a pale or red swolle...


Many of the troubles which come in this process arise simply f...

Esophageal Foreign Body Symptoms

1. There are no absolutely diagnostic symptoms. 2. Dysph...

Limbs Drawn-up

We have had many cases of contracted limbs, arising from vario...

Night Sweats

This distressing symptom, which accompanies various illnesses,...


THE ability to be easily and heartily amused brings a wholeso...


Emetic; warm coffee, and even an enema of coffee. Artificial r...

Malignant Disease Of The Esophagus

Cancer of the esophagus is a more prevalent disease than is c...


The following treatment will be found effective to heal less s...

Eyes Paralysis Of

The partial paralysis of the muscles of one eye produces doubl...


In any case of this pack the feet and legs as directed in Lung...

Cicatricial Stenosis Of The Esophagus

Etiology.--The accidental swallowing of caustic alkali in sol...


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Should be an indication that food in general or some certain
kind of food is needed by the body. Thus the appetite is the natural
test of the amount and kind of food required. Over-eating and
indulgence in stimulating foods and drinks, insufficient mastication
and bolting of the food (see Over-eating, etc.) give us a false
appetite, thus causing over-eating once more. A return to a simple and
moderate diet will restore the natural appetite.

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