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Medical Articles

Headache Sick

The stomach and head affect each other powerfully, and a disor...

Physics Of Mitral Stenosis

Mitral stenosis, though less common than mitral regurgitation...

Imaginary Vacations

ONCE a young woman who had very hard work to do day a...


Autodrownage is the name given by the author to the drowning...

The Various Forms And Positions Of Strictures And Other Obstructions Of The Urethra False Passages Enlargements And Deformities Of The Prostate

Impediments to the passage of the urine through the urethra m...

Eyes Failing Sight

This often comes as the result simply of an over-wearied body ...


Indications.--Tracheotomy is indicated in dyspnea of laryngot...

Children's Deformed Feet

See Club Foot. ...

Internal Relaxation

Pain is often felt in parts of the back or sides which will yi...


It is difficult to determine the cause of toothache, and more...

Flushings Hot

These are often a really serious trouble, especially to women,...

Feet Giving Way

Where there is a great deal of standing to be done by any one,...


This is a disease of children. Comes on in consequence of a s...


Where this is advised medically, it is often taken in a manner...

Circulation Of The Blood

Nothing is more important for the health or healing of any org...

About Frights

HERE are two true stories and a remarkable contrast. ...

Precautions To Be Observed

As long as compensation is complete, there are no medication ...

Aortic Insufficiency Aortic Regurgitation

This lesion, though not so common as the mitral lesion, is of...


JOHANN JOSEPH GASSNER, who was regarded as a thaumaturge by h...


The delusion that health can be restored by swallowing drugs i...


Source: Papers On Health

Should be an indication that food in general or some certain
kind of food is needed by the body. Thus the appetite is the natural
test of the amount and kind of food required. Over-eating and
indulgence in stimulating foods and drinks, insufficient mastication
and bolting of the food (see Over-eating, etc.) give us a false
appetite, thus causing over-eating once more. A return to a simple and
moderate diet will restore the natural appetite.

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