Apthae - Thrush

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

This is a disease peculiar to nursing children. The mouth becomes sore,

and the tongue, lips, and fauces are covered with a white crust, looking

like milk curds, which, when removed, leaves the surface red, inflamed

and very tender. It sooner or later, extends to the stomach and bowels,

producing severe and dangerous diarrhoea.


Of all the medicines known to our Materia Medica, none, according to my

experience, will in the least, compare with the _Eupatorium aromaticum_.

It is almost, if not quite certain to relieve speedily in all cases. I

say this, not only from my own experience and observation, but from the

testimony of several other Homoeopathic Physicians, who have, within

the last year, used it.

It should be given at the first or second dilution, once in four or six

hours, and three or four drops of the tincture put into a teaspoonful of

water, and the mouth occasionally washed with the mixture.

In summer, where agues prevail, and the child is feverish and restless,

_China_ will aid in the cure, to be given once in six hours between the

doses of the _Eupatorium_. If the diarrhoea is obstinate, the

discharges colored, and the child is sick at the stomach, give

_Podophyllin_ with the other remedies.