Balance Loss Of

Sources: Papers On Health

Cases where loss of balance in walking and standing

are due to St. Vitus' Dance will be treated under that head. Other

cases, where loss of power in the motor nerves causes this

unsteadiness, are treated of here. As these cases differ totally from

St. Vitus' Dance in cause and treatment, it is well carefully to

distinguish between them. In St. Vitus' Dance, then, notice that the

patient cannot lie still. In case of simple loss of power, he staggers

or falls only when moving, or trying to move. Probably also in the last

case there are cold feet and clammy skin. For this, bathe the feet at

bedtime in hot water, dry, and rub them with hot oil. Then apply to the

back on going to bed a warm cloth, covered with soap lather (see

Lather), with dry towel above it. Do this each night for a week. When

taking off the cloth, sponge the back with warm vinegar or weak acid

(see Acetic Acid), and rub with warm olive oil.

After a week of this treatment, apply each night for two or three days,

a large BRAN POULTICE (see) across the loins for an hour at bedtime,

with olive oil before and after. Above all, conscientiously let the

patient rest. A good deal of lying in bed and on a sofa must be

taken, and good nourishment given (see Assimilation, etc.). Some

weeks of alternate treatment like this should effect a great

improvement, if not a radical cure.

Balance of Action--See Action, Balance of.