Ballooning Esophagoscopy

Sources: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

By inserting the window plug shown in

Fig. 6 the esophagus may be inflated and studied in the distended

state. The folds are thus smoothed out and constrictions rendered more

marked. Ether anesthesia is advocated by Mosher. The danger of

respiratory arrest from pressure, should the patient be dyspneic, is

always present unless the anesthetic be given by the intratracheal

method. If necessary to use forceps the window cap is removed. If the

perforated rubber diaphragm cap be substituted the esophagus can be

reballooned, but work is no longer ocularly guided. The fluoroscope

may be used but is so misleading as to render perforation and false

passage likely.