Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

The surface of the body should be kept clean, as far as possible, and to

this end, in summer, should be well bathed at least once a day. In

winter, though useful, it is not so indispensable; still no one should

neglect the bath more than a week, and all ought to bathe at least twice

a week, if not oftener, even in winter.

The bath should be of a temperature that is agreeable, and the room

warm, especially for a feeble person. It should be so applied as not to

give a general chill, as such shocks are always hurtful.

The _teeth_ should be kept clean and free from tartar. They should be

cleaned every morning and after each meal. The feet, legs and arms

should be warmly clothed, especially the _arms_, as an exposure of them

to cold is liable to induce affections of the lungs, and to aggravate

any existing disease of those organs.

By exposure of the feet and legs to cold, diseases and derangements of

the female organs, even in young girls, are induced; and one prolific

cause of female weakness is to be found in improper dressing of the feet

and legs, while the _lung affections_ of females, now so fearfully

prevalent, are traceable in a great degree to the fashion that has

prevailed for a few years, of exposing the arms to cold.