Sources: Papers On Health

Cold baths, while greatly to be recommended to those who are

strong, should not be taken by any one who does not feel invigorated by

them. As every one should, if possible, bathe daily, the following

method is worth knowing, as it combines all the advantages of hot and

cold bathing. The principle is the same as explained in Cooling in

Heating. Sponge all over with hot water and wash with M'Clinton's soap;

then sponge all over with cold water. No chilliness will then be felt.

Very weak persons may use tepid instead of cold water. These baths

taken every morning will greatly tend to prevent the person catching


Cold bathing in water which is hard is a mistake, especially in

bathing of infants. The skin under its influence becomes hard and dry.

Warm bathing and M'Clinton's soap will remedy this.