Baths For Head

Sources: Papers On Health

In many cases of indigestion and brain exhaustion

head-baths are of great value. School teachers, business men, and many

others suffering from these, will find a daily head-bath half an hour

before dinner of the greatest value. This treatment should be given,

however, only to those who are vigorous enough to bear it. Some are too

exhausted, and for these other methods must be employed. The head-bath

is given by rubbing the whole head well with soap lather (see Lather;

Soap); then wash off and treat with cold water poured over the head for

a short time--a few seconds only; then rub vigorously with a dry, warm

towel till the head glows with friction. In the case of ladies, the

hair may be thrown over the front of the head while the back of the

head is treated thus, and then thrown back while the front of the head

is treated also, the bulk of the hair being thus kept dry.