Bite Of The Rattlesnake

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

is _Alcohol_, in the ordinary form, or in common Whisky, Brandy, Rum or

Gin. Let the patient drink it freely, a gill or more at a time, once in

fifteen to twenty minutes, until some symptoms of intoxication are

experienced, then cease using it. The cure will be complete as soon as

enough has been taken to produce even slight symptoms of intoxication.

It is remarkable how much alcohol a patient suffering from the poison

of the Rattlesnake will bear.

An intelligent medical friend of mine in Kanawha County, Virginia, gave

a little girl of ten years, who had been bitten by a Rattlesnake, over

three quarts of good strong Whisky, in less than a day, when but slight

symptoms of intoxication were produced, and that seemed to arise

entirely from the last drink. She recovered from the intoxication in a

few hours, and suffered no more from the poison of the serpent.

Instances of cures with whisky are numerous, and I have never heard of a

failure, when it was used as here directed. I presume it will do the

same for the poison of other serpents.