Blood Supply Of

Sources: Papers On Health

To supply good blood in cases where it is lacking,

either from indigestion or low vitality, nothing is better than milk,

diluted with an equal quantity of boiling water. It may be less or

more diluted, as the patient's power of digestion is greater or less,

but in all cases half and half can be tried first. This forms a natural

blood supply. Claret, switched egg and brandy, are to be carefully

avoided. Boiling water amalgamates with the milk, and care therefore

must be taken to see that it is really boiling. Give a teacupful of

this every two hours. If the patient is very weak, this may be the only

diet. But often he will be going about work or business, and yet

needing fresh, good blood supply. Then the cupful may be taken every

two hours, in addition to the usual meals. Experience will soon show

how this may be done. But two hours after a meal, the milk and water

may be given.