Bone Soft

Sources: Papers On Health

Often, in the young, the bones are so soft that they bend

more or less, and the beginning of a distressing deformity appears.

In such a case plaster jackets and steel bands are of little use, and

often very painful. It is better to use bandages, applied so as to

support where that is necessary. Also avoid all long sitting, such as

is found at school. It is best sometimes not to permit the child to

walk at all. Better far to lose two years of schooling than to be

deformed for life. Parents should see to it, with all weakly children,

that school does not become a means of trouble. Continuous education is

not nearly so important as is sometimes supposed.

For positive treatment, let the parts be well and carefully rubbed

(see Massage) every day with olive oil, in such a way as to direct a

flow of blood to the feeble bone. It must largely be left to the

healer's common sense how this is to be done, but a little thought will

show how. At many Hydropathic Establishments it may be learned.

This careful rubbing, with good diet and proper bandaging, will

gradually effect a cure in most cases. But here, as elsewhere, patience

must rule. Plenty of good porridge and milk, with abundance of fresh

air, work wonders in this disease.