Brain Rest

Sources: Papers On Health

The need for this is often indicated by irritability of

temper. This coming on is generally a warning that a period of rest

must be taken. An overheated brow is also another indication. If this

shows itself in a child during or after school, together with

listlessness and excitability, all idea of lessons should at once be

laid aside for a time. It is nothing less than cruelty to work an

overheated brain in such a case. Let the child go free from school till

all the head trouble is removed. Also let the head be soaped (see

Head, Soaping).

Sometimes pain in the head sets in from overwork. Even in the young,

fainting may show itself. Rest is essential, and will prove a perfect

cure, together with a little brain exercise of the kind described in

article Brain Exercise, always avoiding fatigue. Let all readers

remember that it is better to lose six months in rest than become

permanently incapable, therefore let old and young take rest in time.