Bran Poultice

Sources: Papers On Health

Get a sufficient quantity of good bran in an ordinary

washhand basin. Heat the basin before beginning operations. Have also

a boiling kettle at hand. Pour the boiling water by little and little

into the bran, and mix and stir it up until it is all a moist mass, but

not wet. The thing is to avoid putting in more water than the bran

can easily absorb and hold. Then have ready a flannel bag of the size

and shape required for the poultice. Fill this with the bran, and it is

ready. The skin to which it is applied should first be oiled with olive

oil. The poultice may be fastened on with flannel bands. In any case it

must lie tightly on the skin. The patient must lie on it, if it be

applied to the back. One or two tablespoonfuls of mustard may be added

if great power is required, not otherwise.

Instead of this poultice, an india-rubber bag full of hot water may be

used, with two or three ply of moist flannel between it and the skin.

Our only reason for recommending bran is that many could not afford the

india-rubber bag.