Breath And The Skin

Sources: Papers On Health

The organs of breathing remove much waste from

the system, but the skin also removes a very large part. If either

fails, the other has more work thrown upon it, as we see in the severe

"night sweats" which accompany chest and lung failure. In such cases,

rub with CAYENNE LOTION (see and Night Sweats). Avoid the use of hard

water in washing and bathing, especially with infants.

Cold baths for the weakly, chills, damp beds, and such things, cause

rheumatism and colds by stopping the proper discharge of waste by the

skin. After such chill, or cold in damp bed, a hot wash and good hot

oil rubbing will avert all evil. This may not always be available; but,

if it can be got at all, should be given as soon as possible. The use

of the soapy blanket is of the utmost value in severe cases (see

Soapy Blanket). Strict cleanliness of person and underwear should be

observed. The AIR BATH (see) will also give tone to the skin (see

Skin and Underwear).