Burns Case Xxxiv

Sources: Application Of The Lunar Caustic In The Cure Of Certain Wounds And Ulcers

Mr. C. aged 51, scalded his leg ten days ago on the instep. He applied

ointments and poultices. The surface remained ulcerated to the extent

of three inches in length and an inch and a half in breadth, and

presented a considerable thick slough in the centre; the inflammation

continued to be considerable with some oedema towards the toes. In

such a case I should now recommend a cold poultice to be applied for

several days; but the present case occurring early in my trials of the

caustic, the latter remedy was applied forthwith over both the ulcer

and slough.

On the following day I learnt that the pain after the application of

the caustic had been considerable for two hours. It then ceased and

the eschar became complete; and there was rather less inflammation

and swelling. The patient had kept in bed. I prescribed a pill with

the hydrarg. submurias, to be followed by an aperient draught.

On the succeeding day my patient went down stairs and disturbed the

eschar, and experienced more pain. The inflammation and swelling were

still less. I applied the caustic to the parts of the ulcer exposed by

the injury done to the eschar.

During the two following days the inflammation subsided entirely; I

evacuated a little fluid from beneath the eschar.

On the next day the eschar appeared adherent, except in the centre

which was occupied by the slough.

On the succeeding day, I evacuated a little fluid from beneath the


On the next day I removed the slough entirely by means of a pair of

scissors. The subjacent ulcer had a healthy granulated appearance. I

applied the lunar caustic to it to form an eschar.

From this time it was necessary to evacuate a little fluid from under

the eschar for ten successive days. It then became adherent, and in

about a fortnight it separated, leaving the ulcer healed.