Sources: Papers On Health

For slight burns, immerse the injured part in cold water, and

keep there till the pain abates. This is where only redness of skin is

produced. In case of a blister forming, do not break or cut it, but

perseveringly cool with cold water, and leave the blister till it comes

away of itself, when the sore will be found healed beneath it.

Where a large surface is injured, some other part of the body must be

fomented; best the legs and feet, or the back, while the injured part

is persistently cooled. Thus a dangerous chill is avoided. The ARMCHAIR

FOMENTATION may be used, or a large BRAN POULTICE (see both these),

and thus the heat of the body kept up while cold water is applied to

the burns. If these cannot be immersed, as in the case of the face,

cover them with an air-tight covering, and apply iced or cold cloths

above this. The linseed oil and lime-water known as "Carron Oil" forms

the best dressing to apply. If a burn has, however, gone so far as to

become, owing to neglect, a festering sore, then warm water treatment

is required, as recommended for ABSCESS (see). See also Wounds.