Sources: Papers On Health

Where we prescribe this, either for drinking or for

external use in poultices or bathing, it is very important it should be

pure and fresh. If kept too long, it causes often terrible pain when

applied to eruptive sores. There must be no "watering" or doctoring

with cream of tartar, if good results are desired. If the milk be too

long kept, and cannot be had fresh, it may be mixed with a little sweet

milk and all churned well together. Then it may be used. If still

painful, mix again with more sweet milk. To soak diseased skin in good

fresh buttermilk is so powerful a means of cure, that to procure it a

good deal of trouble is well spent. It is also invaluable as a daily

drink for regulating the bowels, and maintaining health. Sterilise all

sweet milk used.

If buttermilk cannot be had, acetic acid or vinegar, or the juice of

lemons, may be mixed with sweet milk or even water, until the mixture

attains about the usual sourness of buttermilk. This makes an efficient