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Angina Pectoris

This is a name applied to pain in the region of the heart cau...

Water Hot

The frequent prescription in these papers of hot water, to be ...


We feel urged, in first considering this sore and very common ...

Face Skin Of

To secure a healthy appearance of this is worth much trouble, ...

Our Feet

The Living Arches of the Foot. One of the most important thin...

St Vitus' Dance

This proceeds from a simple irritation of the spinal nerves, a...

Acute Stenosis Of The Larynx

Etiology.--Causes of a relatively sudden narrowing of the lum...


This trouble we may consider in three ways:--First, as the eff...

Affection Of The Brain

When the _brain_ is affected, the patient suddenly complains ...

Bone Soft

Often, in the young, the bones are so soft that they bend more...


If the foreign body be not removed, the resulting chronic se...

Cauliflower Growths

These begin like warts, and in the earlier stages poulticing a...

The Malignant Forms Of Scarlet-fever

are caused by the character of the epidemy, but, perhaps, mor...


If one put into his mouth nothing but food, foreign body acc...

The Electric Circuit

The Electric Circuit is made up of any thing and every thing ...


See Cancer in Foot. ...


SYMPATHY, in its best sense, is the ability to take another's...

Difficulties In The Introduction Of The Bronchoscope

The beginner may enter the esophagus instead of the trachea:...

Douche Cold

In its most powerful form this is a solid stream of water dire...

Blood Purifying

Fever arising from bad state of the blood may be treated by ca...

Catarrh Chronic

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

If in the head, first give face-bath, as in common colds, except with
reversed poles and changing to the A D current, very mild force. If
in the throat or bronchial tubes, place the P. P. of the A D current,
with long cord, on the back of the neck or in the mouth, and treat
with N. P., soft current, upon the affected parts, eight or ten

Repeat treatment about three times a week.

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