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Plate Iv

A, Gastroscopic view of a gastrojejunostomy opening drawn pat...


One of the most common causes of hypertension is clue to exce...

Methods Of Treatment

Irritating applications probably provoke recurrences, becaus...

Practice On The Dog

Having mastered the technic of introduction on the cadaver a...

Operating Room

All endoscopic procedures should be performed in a somewhat ...

Muscular Action Weak

The heart is the most important of all muscles. Sometimes the ...

The Anti-gastric Method

consisting in the free use of emetics or purgatives, has been...

Trismus Lockjaw

For traumatic trismus, use the B D current, of vigorous force...


is valuable as a _palliative_ upon cancerous tumors. As a _cu...


Many of the troubles which come in this process arise simply f...


Caffein can irritate the heart and cause irregularity and ta...


Decannulation in neoplastic cases depends upon the nature of...

Rheumatism Chronic

Use the A D current always in rheumatic affections. If there ...


This serious trouble in slighter forms affects one side of the...


In any case of this pack the feet and legs as directed in Lung...


See Rubbing. ...


This trouble is often only aggravated and made chronic by the ...

Legs Pricking Pains In

Sometimes curious pricking pains are felt in the legs, becomin...

Flannel Bands

See Band, Flannel. ...

Nervous Fears

TO argue with nervous anxiety, either in ourselves or...

Catarrh Chronic

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

If in the head, first give face-bath, as in common colds, except with
reversed poles and changing to the A D current, very mild force. If
in the throat or bronchial tubes, place the P. P. of the A D current,
with long cord, on the back of the neck or in the mouth, and treat
with N. P., soft current, upon the affected parts, eight or ten

Repeat treatment about three times a week.

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