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Medical Articles

Finding Your Ideal Dietary

Anyone that is genuinely interested in having the best possib...


No greater mistake could be made than to curtail the hours of ...


By this term we mean not only the sensible perspiration which ...


Its Cause and Prevention. The other great disease of the lung...

Children's Teething

See Teething. ...

Classification Of Cardiac Disturbances

For the sake of discussing the therapy of cardiac disturban...


has great power as a local remedy in _Erysipelas_, to be appl...


These will be found dealt with under many headings throughout ...


This is a contagious disease, and always begins with symptoms...

Inflammation Of The Bowels

See Bowels. ...

Ulcers Case Xxv

The following case illustrates the superior efficacy of the l...

About Christmas

THERE was once a family who had a guest staying with ...


Often there follows, after the cure of an inflammatory disease...

Care Of Instruments

The endoscopist must either personally care for his instrume...

Kidney Complaints

See Urinary Troubles. ...

Baths And Bathing

Bathing as a Means of Cleanliness. It has been said that one ...

Anomalies Of The Tracheobronchial Tree

Tracheobronchial anomalies are relatively rare. Congenital e...

Colic Of Whatever Kind

Use A D current, pretty strong force. In severe cases, introd...

Hay Fever

A most effective preventive and cure for this is the inhaling ...

From The Hygienic Dictionary

Doctors. [1] In the matter of disease and healing, the peopl...

Catarrh Chronic

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

If in the head, first give face-bath, as in common colds, except with
reversed poles and changing to the A D current, very mild force. If
in the throat or bronchial tubes, place the P. P. of the A D current,
with long cord, on the back of the neck or in the mouth, and treat
with N. P., soft current, upon the affected parts, eight or ten

Repeat treatment about three times a week.

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