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Medical Articles

Vitamins For An Older Healthy Person

Someone who is beyond 35 to 40 years of age should still feel...


acts favorably on cancers, and is a specific when applied to ...


What is commonly called a "cough and spit" is sometimes due to...

Muscular Action Weak

The heart is the most important of all muscles. Sometimes the ...

Human Sympathy

A NURSE who had been only a few weeks in the hospital...

Bathing The Feet

This apparently simple treatment, if the best results are desi...

About Frights

HERE are two true stories and a remarkable contrast. ...


has great power as a local remedy in _Erysipelas_, to be appl...


is a specific when locally used for _Sycosis_, also for fungo...

The Use Of The Will

IT is not generally recognized that the will can be t...

Cold Settled

A cold is often easily overcome. At other times it "sits down,...


This symptom or affection, (if it can be classed as a disease...


MICHEL DE NOTREDAME, or NOSTRADAMUS, a celebrated French phys...

Strangulation Or Hanging

Often accidentally caused in children or intoxicated persons. ...


Active and persistent antiluetic medication must precede and ...


Take B D current, forceful as the patient can bear, and treat...

Actinomycosis Of The Esophagus

Esophageal actinomycosis has been autoptically discovered. It...

Angina Pectoris

In a variety of cases, more or less severe spasmodic pains are...

Declining Limb A

See Limbs, Drawn up. ...

Elbow Joint

See Armpit Swelling and Bone. ...

Cauliflower Growths

Source: Papers On Health

These begin like warts, and in the earlier stages
poulticing and soaking with weak acid almost invariably cure. After
some months the growth looks like the head of a cauliflower, and
becomes dangerous if on a vital region. It is not really a parasite,
but rather a diseased state of the skin, which is perfectly curable.
First every part is carefully cleansed with a small camel's-hair brush
and weak acid (see Acetic Acid). Then the buttermilk poultice is
applied all night, or even night and day (see Buttermilk Poultice).
Cleanse again after poulticing. Careful and persevering continuance of
this treatment will effect a cure.

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