Cayenne And Mustard

Sources: Papers On Health

Mustard spread on a cold towel and applied to

the spine or lumbar region of the back is often an effective aid to the

cold treatment. If such applications have to be made more than once,

cayenne pepper is preferable to the mustard, and equally powerful. When

cold cloths alone fail, this more powerful treatment may be tried. Pain

and burning after cayenne are relieved by applying olive oil.

Cayenne Lotion, or "Sweating Mixture."--This is made with one or two

tablespoonfuls of cayenne pepper (as desired weak or strong), half a

pint of white vinegar, and a pint of boiling water. These are mixed and

infused for half-an-hour. The mixture is then carefully strained so as

to remove the pepper grains. Dilute, if too strong, with water.

Cayenne "Tea."--Infuse an ounce of good cayenne pepper in a pint of

boiling water. Strain out the pepper. This produces a glow of heat on

the skin when rubbed on, and may be a valuable adjunct to oil rubbing

where that is intended to raise such a glow.