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Training For Rest

BUT how shall we gain a natural repose? It is absurd ...

The Surgical Dissection Of The Fifth Sixth Seventh And Eighth Layers Of The Inguinal Region And Their Connexion With Those Of The Thigh

When we remove the internal oblique and cremaster muscles, we...

Acute Stenosis Of The Larynx

Etiology.--Causes of a relatively sudden narrowing of the lum...

Nerve Pain

See Pain. ...


TO most people self-control means the control of appe...

Bowels Reversed

See Bowels, Locking of, above. ...


The gastroscope is of the same construction as the esophagos...


The surface of the body should be kept clean, as far as possi...


The treatment of shock will probably always be unsatisfactory...

Frictions With Lard

were used already by Caelius Aurelianus, and recently re-intr...


Is now known to be conveyed by the bite of a certain kind of m...

Palpitation Of The Heart

This is commonly a symptomatic or sympathetic affection--rare...


The following are the antidotes and remedies for some of the m...

Cold In The Head

Infants often are prevented sucking by this form of cold closi...

To Mothers

MOST mothers know that it is better for the baby to p...

Length Of Pack

Usually it is time for the patient to come out from his pack,...

Endogastric Version

A very useful and comparatively safe method is illustrated i...


If an epidemic prevails in the neighbourhood, or a case occurs...

Our Wonderful Coat

What the Skin Is. The skin is the most wonderful and one of t...


This is a disease of the skin, producing redness, burning and...

Chest Protectors

Source: Papers On Health

These are often piled on the front of the body,
while the far more important back is left exposed. In many cases of
delicacy and cough, particularly with women, it is far more effective
to protect the upper back with warm extra flannel than to place
covering on the chest. This alone will sometimes cure distressing
coughs. In every case, such "protection," whether to back or breast,
should be such as to secure free escape of perspiration (see
Underwear). A sheet of fine wadding is excellent. Where less heat is
desired, new flannel is the best. Often, also, chest trouble is best
helped by protecting the soles of the feet. If these and the back are
kept warm, there is little fear or harm at the front of the chest. Let
the back covering, where it is used, come down as far as the top of the
hip bones.

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