Chest Protectors

Sources: Papers On Health

These are often piled on the front of the body,

while the far more important back is left exposed. In many cases of

delicacy and cough, particularly with women, it is far more effective

to protect the upper back with warm extra flannel than to place

covering on the chest. This alone will sometimes cure distressing

coughs. In every case, such "protection," whether to back or breast,

should be such as to secure free escape of perspiration (see

Underwear). A sheet of fine wadding is excellent. Where less heat is

desired, new flannel is the best. Often, also, chest trouble is best

helped by protecting the soles of the feet. If these and the back are

kept warm, there is little fear or harm at the front of the chest. Let

the back covering, where it is used, come down as far as the top of the

hip bones.