Sources: Papers On Health

These occur in hands and feet where the circulative power

is feeble, either from weakness or from tight pressure of boots or

gloves. The cold has power, owing to lack of circulation, to partly

kill the skin, which thus becomes painfully inflamed, and swells. To

increase and maintain circulation in the part is to cure it. In the

early stages, when heat and itching are felt, a good rubbing with hot

olive oil and cayenne tea will often cure. But if this fail, pack the

foot or hand in cloths soaked with vinegar. If the pain is great, place

the packed foot or hand in hot water for a few minutes or more. After

this immersion repack with vinegar-soaked cloths, cover well up with

dry flannel, and wear this packing all night. In cases where weakness

is the root of the trouble, rub the back once a day with hot oil until

a glow of heat arises all over it. Do this daily for a fortnight at

least. Where tight boots or gloves are the cause, these must be

discarded for more easily fitting ones.