Children's Nerves

Sources: Papers On Health

The nervous system of children is often damaged by

shock or fright, sometimes very seriously, so that paralysis or

hysterical affections come on.

Blindness, deafness, loss of speech, every possible loss of function

may follow a violent shock to a child's mind or bodily system. Care

must be taken to avoid this. The moment you see the child affected by

any strange sight or sound have, if possible, the child removed or the

affecting object put away, or have some one who can soothe the child

brought to calm its mind. This properly done, and done quickly, will

usually prevent any evil effects. If, however, these come on, treatment

can do a very great deal to remedy the ill. If fits come on, lay the

child flat on his back, with head slightly raised. Place a piece of

cork or wood between the teeth, fastened so as to prevent the

possibility of its being swallowed, and loosen all the clothes, until

the fit is over. Continue to soothe the mind, and instil happy thoughts

such as God gives every Christian the right to think, even in the worst

times of trial. Bring before the child's mind some cheery tales or

interesting objects. Allay all fears, and soothe all sorrows, as far as


If, however, the fits come on again, with blackening of the face, do

not treat harshly, but apply a cold towel along the spinal cord in the

morning in bed. This will soothe even unreasonable passion, and remove

stubbornness. Or if the fit is "on," put warmly to bed, and then apply

the cold towel. Medical aid, when available, should also be summoned.

If a faint comes on, that points to the need of a hot fomentation along

the spine instead of a cold towel. It is not difficult as a rule to

distinguish between the fit, with its frequent convulsive cramps and

blackening of the face, and the simple faint of exhaustion. In the

first the patient is all "strung up," and in the last the very