Children's Swellings

Sources: Papers On Health

Sometimes these occur as merely relaxed tissue

full of blood. In this case everything about the part seems right and

healthy except the swelling. The skin is right and the temperature

also. Treatment such as restores nerve energy will usually cure these

(see Children's Nerves). In other cases the tumour will be full of

watery waste, or there may be a simple dropsical swelling owing to

failure in kidney action. This last is usually easily cured. It ought

never to be "tapped," as this draws off the strength desired. A simple

FOUR-PLY BANDAGE (see) of new flannel worn round the body will often

be enough to cure infants of even dropsical tumours. In other cases

this is used in conjunction with the bran poultice and rubbing

recommended above for cases of nerve failure.

Wherever the swelling is, increase the vital force that supplies the

gland, and so you will cure the whole evil at its source. Many will

tell you to "purify the blood," but there is no blood purifier like the

system which God himself has provided, in the organs of the body made

for the purpose. Only increase the action of these, and you will have

pure everything as well as pure blood. You will do it by good

fomentation, by good rubbing, by judicious clothing, and also by wise

feeding. You will do it to some extent even by good kind words. You

will help the process by good, clean washing, such as warm vinegar

gives over a weakened surface. You will scarcely fail to gain your end

if you use these means in time.