Cold In The Head

Sources: Papers On Health

Infants often are prevented sucking by this form of

cold closing up the nostrils. In such a case have a small cap of cotton

to fit the head. Wring this out of cold water, and fit it on the

child's head. Put on over it a rather larger and thicker cap of the

same material. Often the nostrils will open in two or three seconds,

and the cold will speedily be cured, if no more be wrong. Observe that

the child be warm during this treatment. If the case is obstinate,

secure good medical aid, for constitutional weakness, or even some

deformity of the nostrils, may be present as cause, where the trouble

exists from birth.

For adults similarly affected, a towel wrung out of cold water and

wrapped round the head, with another dry one above, will answer the


For severe cases, pack the feet and legs in hot fomentation for an

hour, and apply a cold towel as above. This last method should always

be pursued where the patient feels chilly. Cold in the head may often

be checked by use of dilute vinegar. See Nostrils.