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Medical Articles

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Source: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

The symptoms of this are cramping pains in the abdomen, without fever or
looseness of the bowels. The colic sometimes occurs after the cessation
of a diarrhoea that had been induced by severe cathartics. The pains
are cutting and straining, drawing the bowels into knots, relieved
temporarily by pressure.


For a male, _Nux Vom._, and for a female, _Pulsatilla_ will generally
afford immediate relief. In children, especially, where diarrhoea
exists, _Chamomilla_ should be used. If it is the result of severe
cathartics, or if there is a soreness or a bruised feeling, _Colocynth_
is the remedy. Hot injections into the rectum, and large quantities of
warm water taken into the stomach, will often _cure colic_.

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