Common Cramp

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

Although either the positive or the negative pole, applied to the

healthy muscle, may produce spasmodic contraction, yet the negative pole

contracts much more powerfully than the positive--a fact which shows an

electrically plus condition in the nerves and muscles involved. Yet we

know that cramps are more apt to attend a low condition of general

vitality in the system than the opposite. From several considerations,

which can not be detailed here, I am led to think that cramps are

produced, generally, at least, by a temporary or spasmodic reaction of

the electro-vital force from an improperly negative to an excessively

positive state in the parts affected.

My practice is, when the spasm is on, to treat the parts in cramp by

momentary touches rapidly repeated, with the P. P. of the B D or A D

current, good medium force, placing N. P. at the back of neck, if the

disturbance be in an arm; or at the coccyx, if it be in a leg or in the

abdomen or chest.

In treating parts subject to cramp while the spasm is not on, give

them, along with other parts of the system, general tonic treatment,

as directed on page 95. This elevates and equalizes the electro-vital

action, and relieves the difficulty.