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Medical Articles

The Relative Position Of The Superficial Organs Of The Thorax And Abdomen

In the osseous skeleton, the thorax and abdomen constitute a ...

Why Fuss So Much About What I Eat?

I KNOW a woman who insisted that it was impossible fo...


Take B D current, forceful as the patient can bear, and treat...

Stage 2

Passing the cricopharyngeus is the most difficult part of es...

Seamill Sanatorium And Hydropathic

Very soon after the appearance of these "Papers on Health," th...

Raw Food Healing Diets

Next in declining order of healing effectiveness is what I ca...


WHEN we are tolerant as a matter of course, the nervous syste...


How Alcohol is Made. The most dangerous addition that man has...

Eyes Inflamed

For all kinds of burning inflammatory pain in the eyes, the fo...


Some years back my 70 years old mother came from the family ...


The treatment under Glands, Swollen, should be followed. But b...


A most common trouble is anaemia, a lack of good red blood, sh...

About Christmas

THERE was once a family who had a guest staying with ...

Rheumatism Acute Inflammatory

First ascertain if the kidneys be morbidly positive--urine sc...

To Prevent Yellow Fever

Take _Aconite_, _Belladonna_ and _Macrotin_, 1st in rotation ...

Spring Trouble

Many persons are distressed by some form of eruption or inflam...

Mechanical Effect Of Each Pole

The mechanical effect of the forward end of the current, or t...


The gastroscope is of the same construction as the esophagos...

Myocarditis Fibrous Management

The advice he should receive is well understood: to avoid phy...


This affection, though it somewhat resembles a common boil, a...

Contraindications To Direct Laryngoscopy

Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

There are no absolute
contraindications to direct laryngoscopy in any case where direct
laryngoscopy is really needed for diagnosis or treatment. In extremely
dyspneic patients, if the operator is not confident in his ability for
a prompt and sure introduction of a bronchoscope, it may be wise to do
a tracheotomy first.

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