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Medical Articles

Bandage Four-ply Flannel

The four-ply flannel bandage is simply what its name implies--...

Inflammation Of The Finger Case Xxxi

A young man, aged 18, came to me with a painful swelling of t...


Is simply an inflammation due to impurity of the blood. These ...

Esophagoscopy For Foreign Body


Preliminary Remarks

The author wishes to caution the reader not to rely merely on...


If the operator has no refractive error he will need two pai...

Upper-lobe-bronchus Forceps

Foreign bodies rarely lodge in an upper-lobe bronchus, yet w...

The Direction Of The Body In Locomotion

LIFTING brings us to the use of the entire body, whic...

Other Kinds Of Cancer

There seem to be many other kinds of cancer, at least if you ...

Finding Your Ideal Dietary

Anyone that is genuinely interested in having the best possib...

Skin Creeping

A sensation sometimes very much annoys patients, which they de...

Biscuits And Water

The biscuits referred to are manufactured in Saltcoats.[A] The...

Pericarditis Symptoms And Signs

If there is pain or much aching in the cardiac region, it ten...

Eyes Squinting

Various affections of the eyeball muscles cause this. To cure ...


This is substantially the same thing as trismus, except that ...

Cold Taking

Where cold is easily "taken," it is the skin which is defectiv...

Rubbing Sheet Substitute For The Half-bath

It cannot be difficult to procure a wash-tub. Should you be s...

Notes On Nursing Tracheotomized Patients

Bedside tray should contain: Duplicate cannula Scalpel ...

Pulse Counting The

Most valuable information as to the nature and progress of dis...

Liver The

Where biliousness prevails, without any symptom of real liver ...

Contraindications To Direct Laryngoscopy

Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

There are no absolute
contraindications to direct laryngoscopy in any case where direct
laryngoscopy is really needed for diagnosis or treatment. In extremely
dyspneic patients, if the operator is not confident in his ability for
a prompt and sure introduction of a bronchoscope, it may be wise to do
a tracheotomy first.

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