Cuprum Aceticum

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

(_Acetate of Copper Verdigris_) applied to _Cancerous_ ulcers of the

face, _Lupus_ or _Noli-me-tangere_, in the early stage, will in most

cases effect a perfect cure, especially if for a week previously the

part has been wet daily with _tr. Thuja_. The best mode of applying the

_acetate_ is to mix the impalpable powder, as prepared for paint, with

some substance to form a cerate, as equal parts of bees-wax and mutton

suet, with 1-50 to 1-100 part of the pure _acetate_ as found in the

bottom of the can, when prepared in oil for paint; heat all together and

stir until cool. This forms a good plaster for covering and shielding

the sore while its medicinal property is in the _Cuprum Aceticum_

diluted as above. It is quite useful for any ill conditioned ulcer.