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Medical Articles

The Contagion Of Scarlatina Very Active

The _contagion_ of scarlatina is very active, and adheres for...

Lancing Swellings

See Abscess. ...


The treatment under Glands, Swollen, should be followed. But b...

Benign Neoplasms Of The Esophagus

As a result of prolonged inflammation edematous polypi and gr...


This serious trouble in slighter forms affects one side of the...

Treatment Of Scarlatina Simplex Or Simple Scarlet-fever

_Scarlatina simplex_, or _simple scarlet-fever_ (9), without ...


Is the process whereby the digested food is carried into the b...

Liver The

Where biliousness prevails, without any symptom of real liver ...

Acute Esophagitis

This is usually of traumatic or cauterant origin. If severe o...

Oil Olive

A little oil only should be applied to the skin at once. Any s...

The Lower Animals

It may, by some, be objected that, if we regard sensation as ...

Head Skin Of The

The nerves of sensibility are very largely supplied to the ski...


See Abscess; Ankle; Armpit; Bone, Diseased. ...

Limbs Fractured

It is not always easy to say definitely whether a bone is brok...


The points to be gained are, to reduce the action of the amat...


This very common trouble is caused by one or more of the veins ...

Wet Compress

The wet compress on the throat in torpid cases should not be ...


The diet of the sick should he nutricious, but at all times s...


This plant is the Chama Cyparissos, or ground cypress. It is o...

From The Hygienic Dictionary

Autointoxication. [1] the accumulations on the bowel wall be...

Destruction Of The Organ Of Hearing

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

When the glands pass into a sloughing state, the parts connected with
them are frequently damaged. Thus the ulceration of the parotid gland
often causes deafness, by the gangrenous matter communicating to the
eustachian tube and the inner ear, where it destroys the membrane of the
drum and the little bones belonging thereto, or by closing up the tube.
When the discharge from the outer ear is observed, the destruction has
already taken place, and it is too late to obviate the injury.

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