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Medical Articles

Hands Cold

Much more than is readily believed depends on the state of the...

Croup More Serious Form

This is caused by an accumulation of material in the windpipe,...

Coronary Sclerosis

While disease of the coronary arteries may occur without ge...

Head Soaping

Have a piece of M'Clinton's soap, a good shaving brush, and a ...

Anesthesia In Heart Disease

While no physician likes to give an anesthetic to a patient w...

The Fundamental Principle

If you are a true believer in any of the above food religions...


This forms a severe feature in many cases of illness, and has ...

Quiet Vs Chronic Excitement

SOME women live in a chronic state of excitement all ...


As so many times repeated, real pain must be stopped, and mor...

Quacks And Quackery Continued

An English physician, who practised during the early part o...

About Faces

WATCH the faces as you walk along the street! If you ...

The Habit Of Illness

IT is surprising how many invalids there are who have...

Punctures Case Vii

Mr. Parr, aged 30, of delicate habit, trod upon a needle whic...


Take B D current, moderate force. Treat exactly as in spermat...

Enemas Versus Colonics

People frequently wonder what is the difference between a col...

Social/cultural/psychological Obstacles To Fasting

Numerous attitudes make it difficult to fast or to provide mo...


In hypertension, as long as the heart, which is probably hyp...

Tucker Forceps

Gabriel Tucker modified the regular side-curved forceps by a...


No dyspneic patient should be given a general anesthetic; be...

Nursing Sore Mouth

Sore mouth of nursing women, as the name of the disease indic...

Destruction Of The Organ Of Hearing

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

When the glands pass into a sloughing state, the parts connected with
them are frequently damaged. Thus the ulceration of the parotid gland
often causes deafness, by the gangrenous matter communicating to the
eustachian tube and the inner ear, where it destroys the membrane of the
drum and the little bones belonging thereto, or by closing up the tube.
When the discharge from the outer ear is observed, the destruction has
already taken place, and it is too late to obviate the injury.

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