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Medical Articles

Diet For A Healthy Person

I doubt that it is possible to be totally healthy in the twen...

Chapped Hands

Our idea is that this is caused by the soda in the soap used. ...

Endogastric Version

A very useful and comparatively safe method is illustrated i...

Eyes Accidents To

Three distinct classes of these are to be considered. They req...

Acute Pericarditis

As this inflammation is generally secondary to some other c...

First Stage

The spatular end of the laryngoscope is introduced in the ri...

Do Not Hurry

HOW can any one do anything well while in a constant ...

The Sitz-bath May Be Taken In A Small Wash-tub If There Is No

proper sitz-bath-tub at hand. It should be large enough to allo...

Infections And How To Avoid Them

What Causes Disease. The commonest and most dangerous acciden...

Filling The Boiler Of The Body-engine

The Need of Water in the Body-Engine. If you have ever taken ...


The medicine for this affection is _Nux vom._, to be taken at...

Damp Beds

An ordinary bed which has not been slept in for some weeks, al...


See Convulsions; Nervous Attack. ...

To Prevent Yellow Fever

Take _Aconite_, _Belladonna_ and _Macrotin_, 1st in rotation ...

Douche Cold

In its most powerful form this is a solid stream of water dire...

Cholera Morbus

This disease generally comes on at night, in hot weather, and...


Acute esophagitis calls for rest in bed, sterile liquid food...


This is a contagious disease, consisting in an inflammation o...

Resume Of Emergency Tracheotomy

The following notes should be memorized. 1. Essentials: Kn...


Decannulation in neoplastic cases depends upon the nature of...

Deviation Of The Esophagus

Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

Deviation of the esophagus may be marked in the presence of a
deformed vertebral column, though dysphagia is a very uncommon
symptom. The lack of esophageal symptoms in deviation of spinal
production is probably explained by the longitudinal shortening of the
spine which accompanies the deflection. Compression stenosis of the
esophagus is commonly associated with deviations produced by a
thoracic mass.

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