Diabetes A Kidney Disease

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

This disease occurs in two forms--diabetes insipidus and diabetes

mellitus. In the first named form, the disease is readily cured. In the

latter, it is very formidable, and is rarely, if ever, cured by

medicines; especially when of long standing. In this latter variety of

the disease, the urea is absent from the urine, and in its place is

found more or less of sugar--often large quantities: Dunglison says

2-1/2 oz. in a pint.

The electrical state of the disease, in both of these forms, is negative

in excess.

1. D. insipidus. Use the B D current, of moderate force. Place P. P.

at the coccyx or on the upper dorsal vertebra, or on both in

alternation, which is better, and treat over the kidneys with N. P.

five to eight minutes, once a day for three or four days. If this should

fail to cure, (as it seldom will), go on with the same treatment three

times a week.

2. D. mellitus. Take the A D current, of mild force. Place P. P. as

in d. insipidus, and treat the kidneys with N. P. about five to eight

minutes, three times a week; supplementing this with general tonic

treatment, once or twice a week.

Be patient and persevering. In bad cases, months will be required to

effect a cure; but persistent effort, as above prescribed, will rarely

if ever fail, unless the vital force is nearly expended.