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Medical Articles

Fever At Night

Frequently, in illness, a fever sets in as night approaches, a...

Mind In Disease

Often a person, because of physical failure, becomes possessed...


Digestion is the process whereby the food we eat is turned int...

Inducing A Child To Open Its Mouth (author's Method)

The wounding of the child's mouth, gums, and lips, in the of...

The Heart In Pneumonia

As pneumonia heads the list of the causes of death in this co...

Bite Of The Rattlesnake

is _Alcohol_, in the ordinary form, or in common Whisky, Bran...

Menorrhagia - Profuse Menses - Flowing

For this affection, _Ipecac_ and _Hamamelis_ are the specific...


If the foreign body be not removed, the resulting chronic se...

Children's Nerves

The nervous system of children is often damaged by shock or fr...

Breast Cancer

I have worked with many young women with breast cancer; so ma...

Safety-pin Closer

There are a number of methods for the endoscopic removal of ...

A Typical Diseased Colon

The average person also has a prolapsed (sagging) transverse ...


Use the A D current, medium force. Treat with P. P. over the ...

To Prevent Small-pox

Use _Macrotin_ 1st night and morning, and if nursing or expos...

Rapid Relief From Colon Cleansing

During fasting the liver is hard at work processing toxins re...

Prejudice Of Physicians Against The Water-cure

The greatest, and the most serious, difficulty lies in the pr...


Let us suppose a swelling appears on some part of the body or ...

More Facts!

I have been treating several hundred cases of eruptive fevers...

Nursing Over

Few vital processes are more remarkable than that by which foo...

Nourishment Heat In

Heat is absorbed in building up the bodily tissues, and given ...


Source: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

The diet of the sick should he nutricious, but at all times simple, free
from greasy substances, and from all stimulating condiments whatsoever,
as well as from vinegar, or food in which vinegar is used.

In short, let the food be nutritious, easily digested, small or moderate
in quantity, and free from all "seasoning," except salt or sugar; and if
salt is used at all, let the quantity be very small, much less than
would be used in health.

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