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Medical Articles


Why We Cook our Food. While some of all classes of food may...

The Form Of The Thoracic Cavity And The Position Of The Lungs Heart And Larger Bloodvessels

In the human body there does not exist any such space as cavi...

Acute Diarrhea

Take B D current. Place N. P., long cord, upon the lumbar ver...


WILLIAM LILLY, a famous English astrologer of yeoman ancestry...

Condition Of The Throat And Other Internal Organs

The condition of the _throat_ requires the most constant atte...


Caffein can irritate the heart and cause irregularity and ta...

Chronic Back Pain

Barry was a carpenter who couldn't afford to lose work becaus...

Training For Rest

BUT how shall we gain a natural repose? It is absurd ...


In hypertension, as long as the heart, which is probably hyp...

Breast Cancer

I have worked with many young women with breast cancer; so ma...


This frequent and severe trouble results most usually from chi...

Penetrating Projectiles

Foreign bodies that have penetrated the chest wall and lodge...


These occur in hands and feet where the circulative power is f...

Flour, And Other Matters Relating To Seeds

One of the largest degradations to human health was caused by...

What Is Constipation?

Most people think they are not constipated because they have ...

Children In Fever

Fevered children, whether in any actual fever, as scarlet, typ...

Decannulation After Cure Of Laryngeal Stenosis

In order to train the patient to breathe again through the la...

Animal Magnetism

Although curative attributes were ascribed to the magnet in...

Inspection Of The Party Wall In Cases Of Suspected Laryngeal Malignancy

When taking a specimen the party wall should be inspected by...


The patient is quite helpless, and there is usually a strong s...


Source: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

The diet of the sick should he nutricious, but at all times simple, free
from greasy substances, and from all stimulating condiments whatsoever,
as well as from vinegar, or food in which vinegar is used.

In short, let the food be nutritious, easily digested, small or moderate
in quantity, and free from all "seasoning," except salt or sugar; and if
salt is used at all, let the quantity be very small, much less than
would be used in health.

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