Diet And Corpulence

Sources: Papers On Health

A tendency to obesity should always be carefully

checked by attention to diet and exercise (see Exercise). The

fattening foods are those which contain either fat or carbonaceous

substances. Carbonaceous substances are found in bread, sugar,

arrowroot, puddings in general, pastry, potatoes. The fats, such as

butter, cream, and animal fat, should be much restricted in their use.

As we have above indicated, however, it is not wise, as many corpulent

people do in their efforts to get rid of this superabundance of fat, to

make up for their restriction by an increase in the quantity of meat

consumed. Cheese, peas, beans, buttermilk, and oatmeal might with

advantage be drawn upon instead. At the same time, if the circulation

is good it is well with such proteid diet to increase the amount of

water drunk during the day, as this helps to eliminate the waste which

would otherwise overtax the kidneys. Green vegetables and fruits should

form a large part of the diet.

It must be remembered that it is dangerous to strike out at once all

fattening foods from the diet; many have injured their health

permanently by such injudicious haste, and brought on floating kidneys,

etc. Remember, also, that exercise is a much safer reducer of fat than

a very great reduction in diet, unless there has been a decided

tendency to continually overeat. All alcoholic beverages must be

strictly forbidden.