Sources: Papers On Health

We give this name to a trouble from which we have been able

to save some patients, as expressing best the general failure and

weakness which sometimes constitute a serious danger, even where all

specific symptoms are wanting. Some cases of this kind we have cured,

when they were supposed to be hopelessly dying, by the use of simple

soap lather. The skin of the patient is usually dry, and the pulse

feverish. In such a case take lather, made as directed in article Head,

Soaping, and spread it gently all over the stomach and heart. Repeat

this six or seven times, keeping the patient warm in bed. Then, after

drying, do the same thing to the back. This does immense good. For the

general skin stimulation, rub over with the mixture for NIGHT SWEATS

(see). The skin is rubbed over with this five or six times, once a


Where there is no feverishness, but rather cold feelings, then use the

warm lather as directed, and rub well all over afterwards with hot

olive oil. This treatment alone we know to have cured many.