Dysmenorrhoea - Painful Menstruation

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

For this disorder, I know of no one remedy so valuable as the

_Caulophyllin_, but _Pulsatilla_ in many cases is efficacious, and as

they do not prevent each other's action, I prescribe them in

alternation, giving a dose every half hour, for a short time during the

paroxysm, or until the pain abates to some extent, then every hour.

If there is pain in the head, sickness at the stomach, a kind of sick

headache, as is often the case, with painful menstruation, _Macrotin_

should be used with the others; _Ipecac_ is the _Specific_ for an

excessive flow of the menses with great pain, especially if the stomach

is nauseated. It should be given as low as the first dilution, and the

tincture, in water, in the proportion of thirty drops to half a pint,

injected into the vagina quite warm.

The application of extract of _Belladonna_ to the neck of the uterus

will often produce immediate and perfect relief. After the patient is

relieved from the painful paroxysm, she should be treated so as to

prevent a return of the pains at the next monthly period. _Pulsatilla_,

_Caulophyllin_ and _Podophyllin_ are the three medicines that are most

certain to effect this object. They are to be given, one medicine each

day, a dose at night for three weeks, then morning, noon and night,

until the time for the return of the menses, when they should be used

oftener if there is pain. If the patient is inclined to be costive,

_Nux_ should be given at night for a few days before the menstrual

period, in place of _Pulsatilla_.