Sources: Papers On Health

In the common form this is purely neuralgic. The nerves are

in shape and distribution like some tender plant, the root in the brain

or spinal cord, and the ends of the branches in the organs supplied by

them with nerve power. They are best affected, and most easily cured,

by applications to the root rather than the branch ends. This is

greatly the case with earache, which is a trouble of the nerves of the

ear--not those of hearing, but the ordinary nerves supplying the part.

The remedy is to press cold cloths on the back of the head and neck.

This will often give instant relief. It is best done when the patient

is thoroughly warm. If he be cold and clammy in feeling, the feet and

legs must be well fomented before applying the cooling. Rub all parts

treated with warm olive oil when the treatment is finished.