Ears Running

Sources: Papers On Health

In this trouble there is indicated a failure somewhere

of the clearance of waste from the body. This matter gathers locally in

the ear, where suppuration and discharge take place. A cure must not be

directed to the ear alone, but first the general waste-removing system

should be stimulated with special reference to its service in the ear.

Rubbing the back with hot olive oil and gentle pressure for a long

time, say forty minutes daily, will go further to cure the ears than

anything which can be done to themselves. Gatherings, by this

treatment, are often quickly dissolved and dispersed.

Where actual waste matter runs out of the ear, the treatment is to have

a round camel's-hair brush and soak the interior of the ear, using the

brush, with warm weak vinegar, or weak acetic acid, just sour to the

taste; then brush with a little fine almond oil, and wipe very gently

as dry as possible.

Another way is to syringe the ears very gently with this dilute acetic

acid; do not force the acid strongly against the internal parts of the

ear, but rather let it soak in. It may be continued as long as is felt

agreeable. Do this twice a day; have also a good warm bran poultice

placed at the back of the head and neck for an hour each day, oiling

the skin before and after. This is best done at bedtime. If this

treatment be pursued carefully, the ears should soon come right.