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If the disease be general in the system, moving from place to...

Punctures Case Xiii

Am old man applied leeches to the instep for inflammation occ...


TO most people self-control means the control of appe...


It is true that ethical medical doctors use the least-risky ...

Catarrh Acute

If in the head, treat as prescribed for common colds in the h...

Mammary Abscess

(_Ague in the breast--Inflamed breast_.) This is a disease...

Blood Poisoning

(See Blood, Purifying; Sores). ...

Burns And Scalds

No matter what the nature and extent of the burn may be, the ...

One's Self

TO be truly at peace with one's self means rest indeed. Th...


In serious cases of this trouble, the patient awakes some time...

Diet For The Acutely Ill

The acutely ill person experiences occasional attacks of dist...


This is a disease of children. Comes on in consequence of a s...

Inspection Of The Party Wall In Cases Of Suspected Laryngeal Malignancy

When taking a specimen the party wall should be inspected by...

Food And Mental Power

Unsuitable or ill-cooked food has a most serious effect on the...


The chief traumatic factors in chronic laryngeal stenosis ar...

Children's Healthy Growth

Often either the whole system or some part fails to grow prope...

Diabetes A Kidney Disease

This disease occurs in two forms--diabetes insipidus and diab...

The Care Of An Invalid

TO take really good care of one who is ill requires n...

Climate And Soil

The soil on which one lives is a matter of primary importance;...

Hands Clammy

Rub the hands and arms well twice a day with CAYENNE LOTION (s...

Endogastric Version

Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

A very useful and comparatively safe method is
illustrated in Figs. 94 and 95. In the execution of this maneuver the
pin is seized by the spring with a rotation forceps, and thus passed
along with the esophagoscope into the stomach where it is rotated so
that the spring is uppermost. It can then be drawn into the tube mouth
so as to protect the tissues during withdrawal of the pin, forceps,
and esophagoscope as one piece. Only very small safety-pins can be
withdrawn through the esophagoscope.

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