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Medical Articles

Feeding Over

It is well to remember that over-feeding is a relative term. T...

Stomach Ulcers

Generally the tongue will tell whether the stomach is ulcerate...


The treatment under Glands, Swollen, should be followed. But b...

Flushings Hot

These are often a really serious trouble, especially to women,...


This seems a very simple thing to do, but is by no means easy ...

Paroxysm Drugs

The part the nervous system plays in this paroxysm is shown b...

Chronic Stenosis Of The Larynx And Trachea

The various forms of laryngeal stenosis for which tracheotomy...

Don't Talk

THERE is more nervous energy wasted, more nervous str...


These occur in hands and feet where the circulative power is f...


It is a mistake to try to force a foreign body into the stom...

Head Soaping

Have a piece of M'Clinton's soap, a good shaving brush, and a ...

The Roentgenographic Signs Of Expiratory-valve-like Bronchial Obstruction

The roentgenray signs in expiratory valve-like obstruction of...

Version Of A Safety Pin

A safety pin of very small size may be turned over in a dire...

Stage 2

Passing the cricopharyngeus is the most difficult part of es...

Liver The

Where biliousness prevails, without any symptom of real liver ...

Direct Laryngoscopy Adult Patient

Before starting, every detail in regard to instrumental equi...

Foreign Bodies In The Insane

Foreign bodies may be introduced voluntarily and in great nu...

Polar Antagonism

When the conducting cords are of equal length, as commonly th...

Period Of Eruption Or Appearing Of The Rash

Commonly, on the second day, towards evening, sometimes on th...

Vitamin Program For The Sick

No matter which way you look at it or how well insured you ma...

Endogastric Version

Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

A very useful and comparatively safe method is
illustrated in Figs. 94 and 95. In the execution of this maneuver the
pin is seized by the spring with a rotation forceps, and thus passed
along with the esophagoscope into the stomach where it is rotated so
that the spring is uppermost. It can then be drawn into the tube mouth
so as to protect the tissues during withdrawal of the pin, forceps,
and esophagoscope as one piece. Only very small safety-pins can be
withdrawn through the esophagoscope.

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