Sources: Papers On Health

The key to action in case of epidemics prevailing in the

district is found, when we consider that always, many residing amid

infection escape it. They do so in virtue of better resisting power,

rather than because no seeds of disease ever reach them. In case of

epidemic, then, besides daily sponging with acetic acid or vinegar, and

scrupulous cleanliness, everything should be done to increase health

and vitality in the household. Plenty of fresh air and sunlight, open

windows day and night, and good plain food, are most powerful aids to

resisting disease. The milk and water used in the household should all

be boiled and allowed to cool before use, the boiling lasting

half-an-hour. The family where all this is done may expect to escape

infection, and therefore may maintain that calmness and freedom from

fear which is itself a very important help against it.