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Medical Articles

Inflammatory Outbreaks

Sometimes a severe out-break and eruption will occur in and ar...

The Habit Of Illness

IT is surprising how many invalids there are who have...

Noise And Disease

Perhaps nothing shows more the lack of human feeling in many p...

Menorrhagia - Profuse Menses - Flowing

For this affection, _Ipecac_ and _Hamamelis_ are the specific...


Where this is advised medically, it is often taken in a manner...


The abdomen is formed of a series of rings containing the bowe...

Sore Nipples

This affection of nursing women frequently comes on before th...

Additional Rules For The Treatment Of Eruptive Diseases

In all these eruptive diseases, especially small-pox, all I h...


We give this name to a trouble from which we have been able to...

Bathing The Feet

This apparently simple treatment, if the best results are desi...

Copy Of Certificate

These may Inform all whom it might Concern, that Mr. J...

Chronic Back Pain

Barry was a carpenter who couldn't afford to lose work becaus...


A low systolic pressure and a low diastolic pressure may no...

Eyes Hazy Sight

Frequently, after inflammation, and even when that has ceased,...


In many cases of severe illness, the stomach rejects all food,...

Nerve Pain

See Pain. ...

Croup Less Serious Form

The less serious croup proceeds from a nervous closing of the ...

Diet For The Acutely Ill

The acutely ill person experiences occasional attacks of dist...

Relaxation Of Treatment Towards The End Of The Third Period Continuation Of Packs During And After Desquamation

When the patient is through the first part of the period of ...

Ulcers Case Xxiv

The following case must not be regarded as altogether triflin...


Source: Papers On Health

The key to action in case of epidemics prevailing in the
district is found, when we consider that always, many residing amid
infection escape it. They do so in virtue of better resisting power,
rather than because no seeds of disease ever reach them. In case of
epidemic, then, besides daily sponging with acetic acid or vinegar, and
scrupulous cleanliness, everything should be done to increase health
and vitality in the household. Plenty of fresh air and sunlight, open
windows day and night, and good plain food, are most powerful aids to
resisting disease. The milk and water used in the household should all
be boiled and allowed to cool before use, the boiling lasting
half-an-hour. The family where all this is done may expect to escape
infection, and therefore may maintain that calmness and freedom from
fear which is itself a very important help against it.

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