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Medical Articles


The Popularity of Beverages. For some curious reason, the h...


In the common form this is purely neuralgic. The nerves are in...

Rest In Sleep

HOW do we misuse our nervous force? First, let us con...


AS far as we make circumstances guides and not limitations, t...

Nervous Strain In The Emotions

THE most intense suffering which follows a misuse of ...


Indications.--Tracheotomy is indicated in dyspnea of laryngot...

Ears Singing In The

Partial deafness is often accompanied by noises in the ear, wh...


acts favorably on cancers, and is a specific when applied to ...

Stage 2

Passing the cricopharyngeus is the most difficult part of es...

Acetic Acid

is a most efficient remedy applied to old irritable _varicose...


This disease is caused by inflammation of the mucous membrane...

Eyes Failing Sight

This often comes as the result simply of an over-wearied body ...

The Repugnant Bowel

I don't know why, but people of our culture have a deep-seate...


We feel urged, in first considering this sore and very common ...


This trouble is simply a loss of command of the vocal organs, ...

The Extraction Of Tightly Fitting Foreign Bodies From The Bronchi

Annular Edema Such objects as marbles, pebbles, corks, etc.,...


Foreign bodies in the pleural cavity should be immediately re...

Myocardial Disturbances

While the myocardium is the most important muscle structure...

Enemas Versus Colonics

People frequently wonder what is the difference between a col...

Tissue Forceps

With the forceps illustrated in Fig. 28 specimens of tissue ...


Source: Papers On Health

The key to action in case of epidemics prevailing in the
district is found, when we consider that always, many residing amid
infection escape it. They do so in virtue of better resisting power,
rather than because no seeds of disease ever reach them. In case of
epidemic, then, besides daily sponging with acetic acid or vinegar, and
scrupulous cleanliness, everything should be done to increase health
and vitality in the household. Plenty of fresh air and sunlight, open
windows day and night, and good plain food, are most powerful aids to
resisting disease. The milk and water used in the household should all
be boiled and allowed to cool before use, the boiling lasting
half-an-hour. The family where all this is done may expect to escape
infection, and therefore may maintain that calmness and freedom from
fear which is itself a very important help against it.

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