Sources: Papers On Health

What is commonly called a "cough and spit" is sometimes

due to some serious trouble of the lungs, and in all cases a doctor

should be consulted at once. Often, however, it is due to the failure

of the skin or other organs duly to carry off the waste of the body,

which then accumulates in the air tubes. If we get a good revivifying

treatment of the skin, such cough and spit will speedily be cured. A

mild vapour bath, with thorough SOAPING (see Soap) will usually be

sufficient in a slight case.

Sometimes there is a sweating of the skin itself which does not cure

expectoration, but which must itself be cured. That is the night or

early morning sweating, which is very reducing. It is the insensible

perspiration which is needed to remove the spit. Give one good sponging

over the body with acetic acid; follow this the evening after with

cayenne "tea," afterwards rubbing with warm olive oil. For two or three

evenings repeat this treatment. There should then be a loosening of the

phlegm, and a lessening of the flow through the lungs. The sufferer may

be very weak, and yet these things may be so gently and kindly done,

that no fatigue is experienced.

If above treatment does not cure, the SOAPY BLANKET (see) may be used

once a week, with daily sponging with vinegar or weak acetic acid, and

rubbing with warm olive oil. This should cure in a few weeks, where

there is no real disease.