Eyes Accidents To

Sources: Papers On Health

Three distinct classes of these are to be

considered. They require very different treatment.

When the eyeball is cut or pierced, if the cut be deep or large, a

surgeon must deal with it. But if small, a drop or two of castor oil

let fall into the eye will often be all that is required. Where

inflammation comes on, the tepid pouring recommended below for bad eyes

will greatly help. If more severe, the treatment for inflamed eyes may

be given. Perfect rest and thorough exclusion of light are very


If the eye is bruised, bathe with warm water, to which a little vinegar

or boracic acid has been added. If after bathing, pain continues, drop

in castor oil, and on the outside of the eyelid lay a pad dipped in a

mixture of equal parts of laudanum and water. Change this cloth

frequently until the pain is relieved.

Treat in this way also for insects stinging the eye.

When the eye is burned, either by sparks or by some burning chemical

substance, cold cloths should be persistently applied to the eye. The

softest rags or surgeon's lint should be cut up into small pieces that

will just cover the eye. Dip these in the coldest water, and press it

out a little, so that it will not run off. Place these little bits of

wet cloth one after another on the eye or eyes affected. The patient

will not be able to endure pressure further than the weight of the

cloths themselves. These can be taken off and changed for cold ones as

the feeling of the sufferer directs. After a time the cooling will be

felt to have gone far enough, and the cloths may be allowed to lie;

when they get too warm they can be taken off, or if the heat and pain

return they can be renewed.

While this treatment is going on it will be necessary to open the

eyelids at intervals, so as to let off the tears that collect in such

cases and cause great distress. These will flow out when in the most

gentle way you have laid one thumb on the upper eyebrow, and the other

just below the lower eyelid, so that you can draw the lids just

slightly open.