Eyes Inflamed With General Eruptions Over The Body

Sources: Papers On Health

In some cases

the eye trouble is only a part of a general skin inflammation,

accompanied with heat all over the body, and an acrid, irritating

discharge from eruptions on the face and elsewhere, especially on the

head. The cold cloths and poultice will not work in such a case. The

chief agent in the cure is fine soap lather (see Head, Soaping). Let

the head be shampooed with it for half-an-hour. The whole body should

then be lathered and shampooed for a short time in a warm bath; this is

best done at bedtime. Much water is not needed; warm soapy lather, well

rubbed all over, is what is required. Ordinary soap will make the skin

worse; only M'Clinton's will do to soothe and heal it (see Soap). If

white specks show on the eyes, the treatment in article on Eyes, Danger

to Sight of, will cure these. When this complaint is obstinate and

refuses to heal, medical advice should be sought, as blood poisoning is

probably present.