Eyes Inflamed

Sources: Papers On Health

For all kinds of burning inflammatory pain in the

eyes, the following treatment is most effective. Place a hot BRAN

POULTICE (see) beneath the back of the head and neck while the

patient lies on the back. Press gently fresh cool damp cloths,

frequently changed, all over the eyeballs and sockets, so as to draw

out the heat. No one who has not seen this done can imagine how

powerful a remedy it is. It may also be necessary, if the feet be cold,

to foment up to the knees. This last fomentation is best done at

bedtime, and the feet and legs should be rubbed with olive oil, and a

pair of cotton stockings put on to sleep in, to keep the feet


If the eyes are very sensitive the treatment should go on in dim light,

as may be felt necessary. The poultice and cold cloths may be used for

an hour twice a day. In bad cases, where sight has been seriously

affected, a good rubbing of all the skin of the head with the finger

tips may be given before the poultice is applied. This rubbing must not

be a trial to the patient, but gently done, with kindly good will, and

it must be pursued for fifteen or twenty minutes, until the whole head

is in a warm glow.