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Medical Articles

Breast Cancer

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Mild Reaction Erethic

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Raw Food Healing Diets

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Food In Health

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Ancient Medical Prescriptions

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The Electric Circuit

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Esophageal Foreign Body

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Glands Of Bowels

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Aphonia Loss Of Voice

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Intermittent Fever, Ague or Chill Fever. This comes on wit...

Aspirating Tubes

Independent aspirating tubes involve delay in their use as c...


This arises generally, from inflammation of the mucous membra...

Eyes Squinting

Source: Papers On Health

Various affections of the eyeball muscles cause this.
To cure it is often easy, sometimes very difficult. The method of
treatment is to stimulate all the nerves of the head and face, and at
the same time to soothe their irritation. This is accomplished by
massaging the brow and entire head. It must be gently and soothingly
done. The open hands are drawn upwards over the brow from the eyebrows,
the rubber standing behind the patient. Then both sides of the head and
the back of the head are stroked similarly. After this the whole head
is rubbed briskly with the finger-points. This should be done often,
even four or five times in the day. If the patient objects, it is being
unskilfully done; the right sort of rubbing is always pleasant. A
squinting eye has been cured in a few rubbings, where the case was a
simple one. If the head becomes very hot, it may be cooled as directed
above for Children's Sleep. Squinting may be produced or increased by
that state of the stomach and bowels in which worms are bred.

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