Sources: Papers On Health

Fatigue, excessive heat, fright, loss of blood, hunger,

etc., are common causes.

The action of the heart is temporarily interfered with, and pallor, a

sweat on the forehead, with an indescribable feeling of sinking away,

precede unconsciousness.

The first thing to do is to bend down the patient's head till it

touches the knees, and keep it there for a few minutes. After he has

partially recovered consciousness, the clothing should be loosened, and

all tight bands or braces removed. The face and hands should be bathed

in cold water, slapping the face with a wet towel. Some stimulant, such

as hot tea, coffee, or sal volatile, may then be given.

If there is a wound causing loss of blood, it should be attended to at


In case fainting is due to hunger, the greatest care should be taken to

give only small quantities of food after recovery, as a large amount

may prove fatal.

A sip of cold water, or bathing the face with cold water, will

generally prevent a threatened fainting. If there appears any immediate

danger of a relapse, keep the patient in a horizontal position for some


Persons liable to fainting fits should be careful to avoid extremes of

temperature, such as very hot or very cold baths.