Fall A

Sources: Papers On Health

After a fall from a height, where there is no apparent

outward injury, there is often such a severe shock to the spinal cord

and brain that continued unconsciousness occurs. In such a case, foment

the spine at first, to remove the effects of the concussion. This may

bring on serious difficulty of breathing, owing to congestion of the

spinal cord. This can be removed by applying cold cloths along the

spine. If the difficulty of breathing be present from the first, then

apply the cold at once. The first effect of such a fall is to deprive

the brain and spinal cord of vital force. This must be restored by

heat. Subsequent effects due to congestion can be removed by cold.

The effects of a shock in a railway accident may be similarly treated.

Common sense will guide in using heat or cold by watching the effect.

Where heat fails try cold. This is the simple rule. It is good also to

give the patient some simple purgative medicine, and some warm drink.

Avoid all doses of alcoholic drinks. We have known the flickering

flame of life almost extinguished by a teaspoonful of brandy.