Feet Cold

Sources: Papers On Health

Continued coldness of the feet gives rise to many more

serious troubles, and should always be attended to. There is no better

cure than daily BATHING THE FEET (see), followed by rubbing for

several minutes, say five, with hot olive oil after drying. Rub

briskly, until the feet glow. Put on dry warm stockings, and see that

all foot-gear is kept as dry as possible. Another method of curing cold

sweaty feet is to rub the soles with CAYENNE "TEA" (see), and

afterwards with warm olive oil. Dry carefully, and wear an extra pair

of dry cotton socks or stockings. When the sweating is very abundant

and obstinate, there is usually more or less failure in the nerves

which keep the skin in order. The feet must then be properly bathed

(see Bathing the Feet), then dried and treated with cayenne lotion as