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Medical Articles

The Religion Of It

THE religion of it is the whole of it. "All religion ...

Ankle Swelling

When long continued in connection with disease or accident, th...


is applied to wounds, _incised_ and _lacerated_, promoting he...


The treatment under Glands, Swollen, should be followed. But b...


This plant is the Chama Cyparissos, or ground cypress. It is o...

What Keeps Us Alive

The Energy in Food and Fuel. The first question that arises i...


See Cancer in Foot. ...

Breast Swelling In

A blow on the breast, or the drain of nursing a child, along w...


Use the A D current, strong force. Place the N. P., long cord...

Enemas Cold Water

Prejudice often exists against cold treatment of any kind, but...


The simplest, best, and safest source of current is a double...

The Throat Should Be Covered With A Wet Compress I E A Piece Of

linen four to eightfold, according to its original thickness, d...

Internal Relaxation

Pain is often felt in parts of the back or sides which will yi...

Our Feet

The Living Arches of the Foot. One of the most important thin...


The abdomen is formed of a series of rings containing the bowe...

Typhoid Fever

This is a dangerous, and with the ordinary allopathic treatme...

Rest In Sleep

HOW do we misuse our nervous force? First, let us con...

Auricular Fibrillation Diagnosis

If the pulse is intermittent and there is apparently a heart ...

Version Of A Safety Pin

A safety pin of very small size may be turned over in a dire...

Eyes Healthy

Cheap, ill-printed literature is responsible for much eye trou...

Feet Cold

Source: Papers On Health

Continued coldness of the feet gives rise to many more
serious troubles, and should always be attended to. There is no better
cure than daily BATHING THE FEET (see), followed by rubbing for
several minutes, say five, with hot olive oil after drying. Rub
briskly, until the feet glow. Put on dry warm stockings, and see that
all foot-gear is kept as dry as possible. Another method of curing cold
sweaty feet is to rub the soles with CAYENNE "TEA" (see), and
afterwards with warm olive oil. Dry carefully, and wear an extra pair
of dry cotton socks or stockings. When the sweating is very abundant
and obstinate, there is usually more or less failure in the nerves
which keep the skin in order. The feet must then be properly bathed
(see Bathing the Feet), then dried and treated with cayenne lotion as

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