Fever Intermitting

Sources: Papers On Health

For this the treatment may be given as in gastric

fever, and, in addition, the stomach and bowels should be carefully

lathered over with soap lather (see Lather). This has a wonderfully

soothing effect. It may be spread with the hand over the skin, and

fresh supplies gently rubbed on until much of the fever is removed.

Some five minutes' lathering at a time is enough--this may be done

several times a-day. Carefully dry after it, and let the patient rest.

It will be well to anticipate such attacks by softening the skin when

it shows a tendency to be hard and dry. A gentle rubbing now and again

with fine lather and good olive oil will secure this. We say lather and

oil because, when there is no fever heat, lather by itself is too

cooling, but when mixed with a little oil the mixture is comforting

rather than chilling, and softens nicely.